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Thank You

A great big Thank You to all who have already migrated your accounts to our new and improved services platform.  The speed of your response is greatly appreciated.

We have assigned a dedicated migration specialist to the small number of accounts remaining on our legacy platform.  Please contact with any and all questions related to accounts created prior to January 2008.  Technicians at our new 24x7 support center do not have access to legacy systems, so please contact Mike at the address above or call him direct at 952 448-3735, extension 116.

Until further notice, current customers will be able to access and manage legacy accounts at

Basically, the migration consists of first transferring your domain name to the new platform and then, if you also host your website with us, creating a new hosting account and transferring your content to its new home.

Here you will find detailed instructions on completing the migration, including screen shots.

Thanks again!

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